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To manage compliance, assurance and other legal obligations within the Housing sector the organisation needs to be proactive in understanding what areas of their infrastructure are likely to fail and at what rate.

Understanding the risk model from a high level based on document storage and innate servicing is essential, however, understanding the granular level insights gives organisations the ability to act and remove the smallest of potential risk.

The software understands the documents, reads them, checks them, and extracts essential data for Asset Management or Follow on works, storing them in their respected areas, and providing factual insights for planning and action.

A clear dashboard of all compliance at a high level – ensures that the duty holders have full control.

Highlighting errors on directly PDFs for clarity and transparency

Exporting specific reports to pinpoint issues such as engineering incompetence

Managing the process of follow on works and to pinpoint at any time the position of remedial and rectification work. TCW allows you to specify and manage actions and, most importantly, manage the high-level performance of the process.

Benchmarking statistics across the UK performance

Ultimately saving time and resource.

The safety net with our technology is impenetrable.

TCW – the only product Turning information into insight

“Being able to run an instant report to identify specific appliances that have been issued with a safety warning is one of the less obvious but hugely important benefits of TCW technology. A perfect example of meaningful data gathering and not just the ‘statutory compliance data’ driven mindset. Great product, great use, well done.”

Phillip Robinson – Health  & Safety Auditor – Home Group

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