• You are probably wondering if this would work for you

    If you have compliance and assets to manage, digital PDF documents and are responsible for risk / safety – then yes. TCW can work for you. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can run you through the system. Alternatively take a look at how our process has helped organisations like yours READ MORE

  • Do you cover all compliance disciplines?

    Yes, we have the technical ability to pull essential data from ANY digital PDF, whether that be Asbestos, Legionella, FRA, LOLER, Invoicing etc…

    We’ve grown our platform to a point where we input 10,000s of documents each week providing comprehensive validation, accurate data analytics and powerful insights to manage budgets and lifecycle obligations.

  • Which compliance disciplines do you cover?

    We cover the ‘Big six’ and more …

    Gas, Electric, Fire, Legionella, Asbestos, LOLER, smoke detection.

    Our innovative technology was founded by someone who worked in Housing and was required to use data from the documents he received. With that fact, we developed a solution that structures any data in any digital document. The Big 6 are managed in the same way we can manage other legal obligations you have.

  • Is my data secure?

    Yes. We are a CSS supplier therefore have passed the rigorous checks for the G-cloud framework.

    All the site and API access is secured with ssl. All data is hosted in Microsoft Azure’s elastic compute cloud utilising Azure blob storage for all of the uploaded PDFs.

    Evaluated data (calculation/compliance results) is stored in an Azure SQL database.

    Access is only possible via our solution code or senior developers

  • Will the document I upload be shared with 3rd parties outside of my organisation?

    No. Trust is essential, all data is owned by the customer not us, we do not sell your data to 3rd parties.

  • How do we upload our documents?

    You can ingest documents serval ways:

    Directly into the software and watch them calculate,

    via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

    API: (Application programming interface) This requires some integration with your current system.

    Or via an email ingest.

    We can also liaise with your contractors to provide a seamless process if you require.


    The aim is to create one location for all Compliance documents and data to enable clients to manage their legal obligation with more transparency.

  • How are my documents exported?

    Documents are uploaded, analysed and structured into folders, ie discipline folders, contractor folders, compliance folders, documents. TCW turns your unstructured data into an easily searchable database.

  • Once I am a client how do I get help?

    During the process of going live with TCW, the team provide full support so you can hit the ground running. We provide training for users and full support through the technology.

    You can submit a ticket directly in the software Contact support

  • How do I check if an asset is compliant?

    TCW carries out hundreds of checks on documents to ensure they’re completed correctly and that there’s no underlying risk in the data captured. These specific checks represent a properties compliance which is shown using the RAG system for easy identification of areas requiring more management. Use our Dashboard for a helpful overview of all assets.

  • Can I tailor the output to my organisations requirements?

    Yes, we can tailor the software to your specific requirements and ensure the report covers the information important to you.

    This is very important as over the years Team TCW has noticed that, although not ideal, compliance and risk is managed differently throughout the UK.

  • Do I have to go through procurement?

    TCW can be found on a number of frameworks and contract portals (Cloud, ProcureScotland and NHC DPS).

    Our uniqueness helps clients take the next steps as theres no other product that can deliver the level of insight and analytics using only technology.

  • How much of our IT resource will be required to set up the account?

    If there is a requirement to have your documents sent through TCW via an SFTP site, it will be important to involve your ICT teams as they’ll need to understand whats coming in the organisations and who has access.

    This work is not laborious and can easily be complete in a day.

  • What makes TCW unique?

    • With our proprietary engine ‘Escher’ TCW is able to extract all data from any digital PDF.


    • This is done without the use of OCR or human intervention. Therefore this can be achieved in minutes! No one else does this.


    • TCW provides a single location for all compliance Certificates and Reports, produced by any Certificating tool.


    • Once ingested the technology checks ALL essential data alongside regulations and client specific requirements.


    • Through the grading systems the technology provides a continuous monitoring process flagging red assets when a clients Corporate Risk Profile increases from the information they received from the workforce / contractors.


    Retrofits into current systems – quickly and easily can be used almost instantly, this provides a significant Return On Investment (ROI) as soon as you start to use TCW.