Have Visibility. Be Accountable.

Servicesoft and TCW software

Have Visibility. Be Accountable.

Why have one amazing piece of software where you can have two?!

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Upgrade your process;
Servicesoft allows you to 
efficiently manage, monitor and maintain the compliance lifecycle of your property portfolio.

Upgrade your knowledge;
TCW gives you automatic verification of compliance documents with complex industry calculations providing you with peace of mind that all data is checked.

Schedule your engineers based on their skill set ensuring accurate Gas servicing and maintenance.Unlock previously inaccessible data providing you with facts, flagging inconsistencies and comparing assets never before possible. 
Use intelligent scheduling of service dates to see the priorities instantly and easily be able to reschedule workloads, ensuring you are programming works in the most efficient way.

Turn your unstructured data into structured knowledge to fuel decision-making and lifecycle planning.

Make instant savings switching on the Servicesoft MOT-style profiling module. Derived insights enable to you see how your assets are performing and identify high-risk assets requiring a more frequent regime of inspection.
Monitor engineer performance, have the assurance that engineers have been to site with geolocation tagging.Monitor engineer competence, spot inconsistent entries and have the ability to benchmark and see training opportunities.
Maintain accurate records with full control of all data which, flows into instantly accessible reporting and decision-making.Over 1 million Social Housing properties already benefiting from our Global Award-Winning Solution.

Combined this means:

  • Long-standing relationship ensures a complete end-to-end compliance solution – from job scheduling and the engineers on-site to the validation of documents and sign off within the dashboard.

  • All essential Compliance and Asset Data seamlessly linked with your Asset Database, to ensure you don’t have to change your process.

  • Both software solutions safe you time and resource, combined this saving is extensive, whilst minimising risk and improving safety.

  • Proven to significantly benefit Housing providers across the UK already

“The integration of the two software platforms has provided us with one complete system, one login. Significantly reducing administration resource. It provides transparency between us and our partner contractors, keeping data and performance information in sync. We now have the assurance that all documents are valid and compliant and can derive insight into asset performance.”

Amanda Kazer, Consultant systems & performance analyst, settle


For more information or to arrange of FREE demo contact either:


info@thecomplianceworkbook.com or info@servicesoft.co.uk


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