The fine line…

Corona Virus

Local Authority & Housing Associations The fine line between protection against Viral Infection and protection of property and life through Cyclical and Responsive Repair activities.


By now it should be expected that any organisation that employs large amounts of staff to provide services to individuals should have created a process for managing the risk of viral infection transmission between workforce and those you provide the service to.


COVID-19 At the moment there is very little information being shared with regards how this virus is spread. What we do know is that viral infections are normally spread through cough droplets and bodily fluids. Initial comments made indicate the COVID19 virus can live up to 1 week on surfaces. This poses a significant issue with regards workmen and women visiting your organisations to carry out work. However, precautions should be in place to clearly demonstrate and actively monitor and assess how the workforce are mitigating the risk of spreading the virus in your homes.


A documented process should include (list not exhaustive and may include individual requirements):

  • Any worker entering a property should have appropriate PPE. This will include disposable gloves, a mask and clearing wipes.
  • Workers should not use the customers toilets or accept tea, coffee or any other sundries.
  • All work surfaces should be cleaned afterwards.
  • Any worker showing signs of the viral infection should self isolate and notify the organisations of properties he/she has been working in.
  • The contractors working in and around properties should also take steps to provide a services that shows compassion and an understanding of the risks this virus poses to people of all ages.

From a personal perspective I would be inclined to review the workforce and offer services slightly outside the normal working practices. For example: For higher risk individuals in sheltered schemes, the contract may decide to dedicate multi skilled tradesmen to stay onside to reduce the risk of contracting the virus and spreading it to those people in these schemes. Small offers like this provide the elderly with a familiar face and reduces some of the risk around the nervousness of catching the virus. We really do have to cater for people who may be petrified with what’s currently being shared on the news.


It’s very important we keep moving forward with regards legislative requirements. We can’t ignore the fact that these also save lives.


Important point around legal access and enforcement around cyclical planned inspections. If a home owner is Self Isolating, the contractor should be notified and this clearly documented to ensure no action is taken against the organisation should they miss a due date. There needs to be a way to identify when a home owner or tenant is Self Isolating.


Everyone is important throughout the supply chain. The team here at The Compliance Workbook is looking at ways to support our current client base with insights and benchmarking to ensure essential services and revenue spend are placed in the right place. We are also working with any brands associated with The Compliance Workbook to ensure their service and support via our company is flawless.


Let’s support each other and make sure everyone get through this difficult time. Sincerely Ryan, CEO The Compliance Workbook


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