Let’s take a look at our software #NoBrainerDay

Let’s take a look at our software #NoBrainerDay

As it is #NoBrainerDay today let’s go through why using our software is quite literally a ‘No Brainer!’ for asset and compliance managers.


Step One: Import Documents Easily


Data is extracted from ALL digital PDFs, this means you do not have to change your process. We do not force to you use particular certification software. You can carry on business as usual, but instead of laboriously going through document after document trying to find the risks, and filing the certificates away, they are uploaded into The Compliance Workbook which automatically identifies the risks for you.


Step Two: Results Highlighted


Results presented in a user-friendly dashboard and tailored reports delivered when and where you want them.

View the results in context as the issues are highlighted right there on the PDFs. 

The Compliance Workbook software highlights compliance risks
Detailed results shown with asset information, tailored tagging facility and highlighted issues.

Checking all your data gives you deeper visibility of your asset performance, and your risk.


Step Three: Organised Export


Documents automatically sorted directly into shared drives, eliminating time-consuming manual file handling.

Say good-bye to folders in multiple locations, a plethora of spreadsheets and bursting filing cabinets.

The Compliance Workbook file sorting
All documents in one location, easy to access and search.

Step Four: Reporting Transformed


Pinpoint areas of concern automatically, assess your entire asset register, re-deploy skilled engineers where they are required, switch off inefficient processes, and manage lifecycles and budgets proactively.


Facts at your fingertips.

The Compliance Workbook asset management software in action
Data extracted into customised tables for easy reporting and management

Step Five: Mapping


Easily visualised results. Assets are pinpointed with a colour coded pin on maps and street-view to make it easy to prioritise and identify patterns.

Raises questions to enable proactive management e.g. why are properties on certain streets or areas showing red / non-compliant? 

The Compliance Workbook software

The Compliance Workbook gives clients the tools to see the bigger picture.


If you would like to see how The Compliance Workbook could work for your organisation we’d be happy to arrange a demo at your office, contact us: info@thecomplianceworkbook.com

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Gemma Sutcliffe

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