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#OneToWatch Take a look at this month’s edition of Acquisition International Magazine to discover why our CEO Ryan Dempsey is certainly one to watch as we enter a new decade.


The article titled “Innovate to Improve” discusses how improved quality assurance and actively avoiding the bare minimum or status quo should be a starting point for any organisations route to total compliance. Greater compliance at all levels can help elevate the standards of safety and sustainability with client organisations, and eventually, the public.


One of the major benefits that Ryan has cultivated for TCW is the team, who constantly bring unparalleled levels of knowledge and passion for making the world a safer place. Comprised of multiple talented entrepreneurs and ex-plc directors, Ryan and co-founders Ian Woolsey, COO and Ben Ford, Technical Director have established a culture of trust and respect where each individual is valued, as are their opinions. Ian’s expertise over the last 30 years has seen his involvement in accountancy and programming; accomplishments including producing an electrical calculation programme used by Norweb and BNFL amongst others, and an online data information company PhoneLink (now known as GB Group Plc). Ben benefits from many years implementing groundbreaking data-driven broadcast video experiences for the likes of Formula 1 and The Tour De France. His extensive experience has been pivotal in the development of the unique key features within TCW.


Ultimately, Ryan’s desire and eagerness has seen TCW become a formidable force within the compliance and safety industry, helping organisations of all kinds be as safe as they can possibly be. Where others might simply prefer to bury heads in the sand and carry on as things have always been, Ryan is keen to show them the light, and prove that there is a safer and far more efficient way of doing business.


With true innovation bringing about remarkable improvement, this CEO is definitely one to watch moving forwards.


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Gemma Sutcliffe
Gemma Sutcliffe

Having developed my career in both SME and a large global consultancy I have gained experience delivering a variety of campaigns and plans. This has resulted in a wide-ranging knowledge of all marketing and communications areas, both strategical and tactical. I am a skilled marketing and communications professional with an eye for detail and a flair for design, passionate about compliance and improving our industry.