Unlocking the value of data for c2c Rail

Rail track image symbolise TCW entering into new sector with c2c rail part of Trenitalia

The Compliance Workbook have penetrated a new market sector entering into an agreement with c2c Rail, which enables the rail operator to increase awareness and improve risk management, and ultimately public safety, across their stations.


The Compliance Workbook is an innovative technology company who have developed a software solution to help organisations utilise and analyse their data, to positively impact operations and business processes for organisations nationwide. With the Digital Rail Investment Survey revealing focus on data capture and analytics; remote conditioning monitoring, predictive maintenance, asset management and data analytics, the ability to monitor the health of assets is critical for operational safety and efficiency. As TCW software ingests compliance documents and applies bespoke checks and rules it provides full visibility of data which enables the shift to predictive proactive maintenance and efficient management of assets.


Ryan Dempsey, founder and CEO of TCW, comments:


Its amazing to see just how quickly we are growing and that is evidence of our success and hard work. Our approach to compliance is all about safety and accountability, enabling customers to work smarter and utilise the data that has in the past been locked-upwithin the documents, to improve productivity and reduce risk.”


Ryan Dempsey thought of the idea for TCW when trying to improve the process while working within Local Authority as an Electrical Service Manager. He saw first hand the issues and limitations and with co-founders Ian Woolsey, COO and Ben Ford, Technical Director, they developed a way to transform compliance management. More importantly they found a way to do this that would fit with existing tools and ways of working, solving a very real issue compliance and asset managers face and one that every organisation must be held responsible for. Since the company’s founding in 2016, and millions of documents ingested and analysed to date, Ryan and his team have remained passionate and dedicated to creating innovative technology with positive impacts for a variety of organisations and sectors, which now includes rail.


Ryan added;


This approach can be adopted into any sector, not just social housing which is where it all began. Our agreement with c2c Rail is an important step in the realisation we can improve efficiency, cost and ultimately public safety across many sectors.


c2c Rail is an English train operating company owned by Trenitalia that operates the Essex Thameside railway franchise. It manages 25 stations and its trains call at 28. c2c provides commuter services from its London terminus as Fenchurch Street to East London and parts of Essex along the London, Tilbury and Southend Railway, and is the only operator on the line. Recently adding to their operation Trenitalia and First Group, as a joint venture, won the contract to run rail services on the West Coast Main Line.


Paul Meenan, Asset Manager, c2c Rail comments:


“The use of TCW has blown open the doors for a small train operator come infrastructure manager. We now have a grasp on key asset data. Our executive team have high-level reporting and the technology seems to constantly revolve and exceed expectations.

It’s a pleasure to partner with a forward-thinking system that does so much more than read a document. It inspires trust and confidence in an area where risk is high and trust can be low.”

Gemma Sutcliffe
Gemma Sutcliffe

Having developed my career in both SME and a large global consultancy I have gained experience delivering a variety of campaigns and plans. This has resulted in a wide-ranging knowledge of all marketing and communications areas, both strategical and tactical. I am a skilled marketing and communications professional with an eye for detail and a flair for design, passionate about compliance and improving our industry.