TCW adds further functionality to Orchard’s Asset Management Solution

TCW adds further functionality to Orchard’s Asset Management Solution

John Buckland, Head of Asset discusses the exciting new collaboration between Orchard and The Compliance Workbook.


“We are excited to be able to link with TCW & add yet further functionality to our asset management solution. 


The additional compliance data unlocked by TCW drives actions within Orchard Asset providing many benefits to our customers: 

  • Firstly, customers will no longer have to import separate data files and certificates as all the data stored on the certificate can be extracted through the TCW integration and imported automatically.
  • Secondly, manual authorisation processes for certificates can now be bypassed.  
  • Last but not least, the intelligent algorithms TCW can apply to the data from compliance documents can highlight trends which may affect replacement years as well as data inconsistencies which warrant follow up action. These can be imported as servicing attributes and prompt the necessary action. 

Further TCW dashboards & analysis are available to provide deeper insights for our mutual customers. 


Feedback so far has been extremely positive:


 “We were very impressed with where this project is heading and we’re very enthusiastic about what this can offer WM” 

– Neil Warne, WM Housing

At Orchard we are looking forward to realising the business benefits of the integration with TCW for our customers.’

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