Compliance technology that fits into Asset Management Workflow…

Screenshot of video depicting how TCW extracts, validates and produces schematic diagrams to asset with asset management planning

Compliance technology that fits into Asset Management Workflow…

The next steps for managing data, compliance, competence, quality, budgets and ultimately safety is to take a step into the realms of BigData and analytics.


So how long would it usually take to review and extract data from a 100+ page EICR document to enable you to plan your asset management journey?


Hours… right?


… Wrong,


✅ from clicking to upload  (which would normally take hours to review and extract data to plan your asset management journey) 

✅ to pulling out every single piece of data,

✅ then linking the common parts to produce a layout

✅ …. ultimately producing a wiring schematic,

✅ can be done in minutes, if not seconds with our software.



What does this video depict?


Green = individual circuits

Red = consumer units

Blue = main supply characteristics


What if schemes, associations and regulatory bodies could then see the intelligent data to pinpoint issues with appliances, circuits, people, training, landlords, process and policies and much more? You could also track test equipment via serial numbers. justsaying


What if? Technology can remove the sweeping judgements, the assumptions, the risk of getting it wrong.

Now it can!

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