First CoP for Electrical Management in Social Housing

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First CoP for Electrical Management in Social Housing

Yesterday, 21st November, our CEO headed down to the British Library Knowledge Centre in London to present the contents of the first Code of Practice (CoP) for Electrical Management in Social Housing at the Pennington Choices masterclass. It was the first time Ryan has stood up and talked about the great work the committee has done over the last few months.


Speakers included:


David Orr CBE from the National Housing Federation who discussed the importance of leadership accountability in compliance: “Move from demonstrating compliance to evidencing safety”. David commanded and audience whilst providing inspiration and clear thought leadership delivery. One of the most important points he raised was the need for the sector to embrace the National Housing Academy to provide a plan to educate and inform, to create safer homes through competence.


Helen White The Chair of Knowsley Housing Trust reflected on her experience of receiving a Governance Downgrade. The message here was that we need Assurance, not Reassurance, we need certainty, not peoples attempts at removing doubts and fears.


Angela Holden from the Regulator of Social Housing brought everything that had been said to reality with some case study examples of where Electrical Safety had not been managed correctly and discussed their views on the co-regulation, assurance and electrical safety.


Open forum discussions:


The afternoon saw a number of Pennington Choices compliance experts sharing knowledge and experiences in a number of open forum discussions. These interactive sessions demonstrated how to effectively implement best practice within organisations.


Ryan Dempsey, CEO of The Compliance Workbook and Martin Simmons Senior Electrical Services Officer at Dudley MBC delved into the first sector developed Code of Practice for Electrotechnical Management in Social Housing, which was well received:


“Can I just say well done to you and the committee. It’s fantastic to see this coming into the sector”


Mr Dempsey at his best, Code of practice presentation #respect #e5 #pride #makingandimpact #kudos” 


We heard how Weaver Vale Housing Trust implemented a compliance roadmap to achieve full compliance in just six months, and we learnt how the Industrial Dwellings Society prepared for an IDA post-Grenfell, given how compliance /health and safety is a key risk area.


cartoon man looking into the mirror and seeing a reflection of a younger version of himself

Discussing perspective at the Pennington Choices Compliance Masterclass


We also like this pic – see the reality, not what you want to see #perspective












Ryan commented “I am proud to have been a part of this amazing event, I don’t think I have ever attended or been involved in a forum, expo or event where the content and engagement for Social Housing was absolutely on point… and over the years that has been quite a few. It has been an extremely engaging and informative day.”


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