Redefining Data and Risk Management

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Redefining Data and Risk Management

In any asset-intensive industry, poorly performing assets, the deterioration factor and maintenance costs have a significant impact on an organisation’s bottom line. Not only it is affected directly, but indirectly through any negative customer service repercussions, and significant health and safety implications of any failure. Investing in an asset management solution can only be a good idea, but what solution do you need?


Every organisation has a wealth of data locked in PDF documents stored within house files, servers or folders. This data is essential when managing the lifecycle and compliance of systems as it shows clear changes in the way in which the asset is used and/or maintained. But how do you manage all of the data you have ‘locked up’ in your documents? And more importantly, how do you bridge the gap between data management and risk?


The Compliance Workbook (TCW) doesn’t just give you a platform to control and gather data. It forensically analyses all of the data, and most importantly it verifies it. With TCW, compliance managers, landlords, duty holders and social housing property managers know exactly where their asset stands with regards the points above. They are able to produce achievable plans to meet their organisations’ goals, both internal goals and those created externally by regulatory bodies. By doing this TCW enables organisations to make tangible improvements in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their asset infrastructure.


We work with organisations to tailor the software to suit individual requirements. Enabling them to use their data to become an insight-driven business, using data to assist with operational and strategic decision-making, and providing a Return On Investment almost instantly.


We have over 6 million documents within our system. Out of which our software has highlighted many failings in how things have historically been done; and warning signs that would have been missed. To have the ability to enhance risk management is vital to not only decreasing risk, but also costs, and most importantly, creating safer environments for people to live an work in.


Don’t be in the dark with a flashlight when we can help illuminate the way.


Manage your assets with complete visibility of the deterioration factor to proactively prevent issues and uncover opportunities.


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Gemma Sutcliffe
Gemma Sutcliffe

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