end-to-end compliance management solution shown on different devices



Made possible through the integration of Servicesoft and CORGI’s Compliance Document Management System – CDMS (powered by TCW software).


Servicesoft has been in the UK housing sector for over 15 years ensuring that life-saving checks are captured and monitored in real time. They are a fully automated work management system, trusted by social landlords & contractors alike. 


Ensuring process due diligence and adherence to legislation, Servicesoft geo-tags engineers at each location and enables upload of photographic evidence of all work carried out / issues found – providing a compliance audit trail while increasing public safety.


Servicesoft seamlessly integrates with CDMS to provide an end-to-end solution – from the engineer’s fingertips on site to the validation of documents and sign off within the dashboard, saving time, resource and minimising risk. 


The combined benefits include:

  • Mobile working and automatic electronic certification
  • Geotag locations of workforce
  • Asset cleanse and formatting
  • Job scheduling and follow-on works
  • Asset realisation value planning
  • Parts ordering
  • Reduction of excessive callouts
  • New MOT type servicing (gas)
  • Import and validation of any digital PFD certificate
  • Provides insights into engineer performance/competence recognition not just ensuring they have the correct qualifications … everyone can make mistakes!
  • Flags priorities and inconsistencies providing actionable results
  • Real-time monitoring and KPI’s
  • and so much more…


All of which is done by seamlessly integrating with your own systems to ensure you don’t have to change your process.

“The integration of the two software platforms has allowed us to become rigid and coordinated with our approach. Improving our own ways of working, giving us a commercial validity and efficiency gain.”

Wayne Gill, Operations Manager, TSG Building Services

“We can now derive insight from the analysis of data we simply didn’t have access to before. It was impossible to see trends and inconsistencies, which can now be used to inform decision making and lifecycle planning.”

Amanda Kazer, Consultant Systems and Performance Analyst, settle


To read the full case studies from clients who utilise the integrated Servicesoft / CDMS solution and see the benefits it has brought to their organisations please click here


Servicesoft together with CDMS is the only end-to-end compliance management solution providing real-time data and validated compliance! 



end-to-end compliance management solution shown on different devices


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