OCR Vs Escher

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PDFs are used in a multitude of scenarios, and can represent all kinds of data. They are in some ways a necessary evil taking useful structured data and de-valuing it by turning it into a PDF for ease of transfer and reduction of size. What happens when you want to extract the data locked within? There are numerous PDF data extraction solutions out there to eliminate manually re-keying the data.


OCR (optical character recognition) is a widespread technology which enables you to convert different documents such as scanned documents, photos and PDFs into searchable and editable machine-read text data. Advanced systems are capable of producing a high degree of recognition accuracy for most fonts, this involves analysing text character-by-character to attempt to identify.


So what is so different with TCW’s software Escher, why is it unique?


Let’s do a quick comparison:

Table comparing OCR PDF reading technology with TCWs new Escher technology for reading and understanding data locked within PDFs


Escher can reassemble the previously trapped data within a digital PDF, instead of trying to read it and hoping for the right result.


This makes Escher a flexible way of querying data, it allows accurate calculations to be performed on the data, enabling you to mine meaningful intelligence from the data locked within your digital PDFs.


For more information on how and why we developed Escher click here.


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