A wider reach for TCW technology.

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A wider reach for TCW technology.

Primarily TCW software has been used within the housing sector, with the majority of clients within the social housing sector. This was partly due to the fact the idea originated while our founder Ryan Dempsey was working within Local Authority as an Electrical Service Manager. He saw first hand the issues and limitations faced and wanted to improve the process. Through this deep understanding of a pain-point that existed we developed a way to transform compliance management – The Compliance Workbook was born.


Ryan is passionate about improving the social housing sector and has focused a lot of his own time discussing solutions, advising, speaking on committees and at forums etc. within the social housing arena. He has experienced the issues faced and wants to see improvements made and risks reduced.


However, The Compliance Workbook has developed a suite of software solutions to help significantly improve the process and manage assets efficiently. The software ingests any digital PDF and applies checks and calculations enabling people to benefit from full visibility of the data they receive. Unlocking valuable data is important to a number of different sectors and industries worldwide.


As this approach can be adapted and tailored to any market we are growing and the benefits we can bring are now beginning to be being realised across many sectors including rail, water and international markets.


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Gemma Sutcliffe
Gemma Sutcliffe

Having developed my career in both SME and a large global consultancy I have gained experience delivering a variety of campaigns and plans. This has resulted in a wide-ranging knowledge of all marketing and communications areas, both strategical and tactical. I am a skilled marketing and communications professional with an eye for detail and a flair for design, passionate about compliance and improving our industry.