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In the beginning, there were handwritten compliance certificates. Compliance managers, engineers and customers saw this and thought it was good.


BUT from there, things started to get messy.


Using technology to improve the repetitive aspects of certificating has no doubt streamlined the compliance industry. It has meant hurried handwriting and damaged or lost documents are now a thing of the past. It has also opened the doors for automated compliance analysis.


However, this poses its own issues that need overcoming.


Implementing a certificating solution that integrates document compliance isn’t a trivial task:


  • Many certificating products advertise document checking which is simply field validation. Checking a phone number is in the correct format doesn’t go very far to ensure the safety of a gas installation.
  • Solutions catering for solely Gas or solely Electrical compliance necessitates additional cost, training and effort.
  • Once a certificate has been produced that information is drawn into a PDF document and filed away. The ability to look up important details, without manually opening that document again, doesn’t exist.
  • Capturing details for 100% of your stock may be impossible if you ever receive documents from external contractors who are not using the same certification software.
  • Implementing a certificating tool with compliance checking does nothing for all your existing certificates. You only gain any benefit for new certificates.


Let’s have a look at how The Compliance Workbook combined with Escher have overcome these hangups:


Document Checking


The Compliance Workbook is able to identify over 200 different types of compliance results. These checks are built in accordance with the relevant regulations.


Multi-Compliance dashboard


By understanding all your compliance certificates we are able to give you detailed information across all of your assets. Our flexible architecture also means that expanding into new compliance types is possible, and encouraged.


Certificate Agnostic


Our industry-leading PDF parsing engine is capable of extracting the compliance data from your certificates. Faster and more accurately than any human could. Supporting older documents without any need for the original software to be modified. Escher can effortlessly read in years worth of compliance documentation and generate a complete compliance view by morning.


Unlocking your documents


We understand the data inside your documents. The readings, ratings, results; not simply a PDF file in a document management system. This enables contextual searching across your whole document history, which can pick up inconsistencies and statistics you wouldn’t have has access to before.


By accepting the different approaches our customers implement and being flexible ourselves, ensures we can enhance your productivity without friction or unnecessary expense.

Ben Ford - Technical Director
Ben Ford

I am passionate about innovative technology. I am always after a neater, faster, more appropriate way to do something. I apply the same meticulous attention to analysing a problem as I do designing its solution. My keen interested in bridging the gap between information and its use, is utilised within The Compliance Workbook. Our ethos of developing innovative approaches, not just rehashes of existing solutions, set us a challenge with compliance documents. 'Unlocking’ data that is captured, but not used, to increase productivity and safety is where we excel. Benefiting from many years working with Digital Media. I've lead technical discussions and workshops with large (Nasdaq 100) strategic partners and presented/architected solutions to just as large customers.