Close up of a young girls face and the text Do I make the 10%?

So, who makes the 10%?

Should we really be playing a game of chance with peoples safety?


10% check – should be non-existent now!


We’ve all been there and accepted that 10% check was ok. Accepting something because it was the only viable way to do things, cost-wise, is now a thing of the past. Our software can be used to manage 100% of the content in 100% of your compliance documents. It’s completely configurable and frees up time for those qualified to manage risk and improve safety.


Our software gives you the ability to see and micromanage the data in all Gas and Electrical digital certificates and reports:


Performance information
Asset information
Compliance tracking
Competence information


Why wouldn’t you check 100% of the documents you receive? Whats more, why wouldn’t you put all your historical documents through to get all the data and performance info out. We had a client put 46,000 documents in the other week… just because.


The cost for our product averages at around £1 per property per year for both Gas and Electrical documents (no limit). 100% visibility of compliance through the documents you received.


No hardware, no integration and no initial outlay. Just a seamless solution that drops into your current process and reads anyone’s PDF documents.


We’re the ONLY product that can do this.



Take advantage of our 60 day FREE trial – no hidden costs or obligations, just a completely free use of our revolutionary software to help you see and understand the shift in the way we manage compliance.

Gemma Sutcliffe
Gemma Sutcliffe

Having developed my career in both SME and a large global consultancy I have gained experience delivering a variety of campaigns and plans. This has resulted in a wide-ranging knowledge of all marketing and communications areas, both strategical and tactical. I am a skilled marketing and communications professional with an eye for detail and a flair for design, passionate about compliance and improving our industry.

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