The Compliance Workbook dashboard on MacBook, iPad and iPhone

An introduction to the FUTURE of Compliance / Document Management in Social Housing (and beyond).

I would like to introduce you to something, The Compliance Workbook (TCW) combines two groundbreaking technologies into one industry-leading software platform.


What does this mean?


Our flexible document ingest engine understands digital PDFs created by 3rd party products without any integration work, it reads 100% of the data and passes it through to TCW which is the user interface to the technology and which provides what we have termed as the common view of compliance.


Interpreting and manipulating the data in the many PDFs out there was previously impossible with just a document store.


User Interface/Common View of Compliance:


If you are responsible for multiple electrical systems and you have to manage the documents you receive, imagine being able to see every single detail via our multi-layer common view of compliance. Also, imagine sitting behind your desk looking at one EICR checking all the results etc. and then realising that TCW would have done every document you need to check in the time it takes you to take the lid of your pen!!!


Did I mention the software now has all the configurations to ingest every Landlords Gas Safety Record (LGSR) you have? In fact, did you know the software does ANY digital PDF, we just need to configure the output, the rest is already done! Sorry, I had to tell you, it’s not just a Gas and Electrical software, they are just the industries we sit in at the moment.


Here is a list of some of the functionality already built into the software:


·            Ingest digital Gas and Electrical Documents to confirm compliance instantly.


·            Customer facing dashboard to show live statistics and current compliance.


·            The ability to assign direct to an asset so you can see from a personal perspective.


·            The ability to see the data in one common view meaning you don’t need to be technical to manage to content – if you’re qualified you shouldn’t be sat behind a desk.


·            The ability to link the data from your compliance documents direct to the asset management systems you use to prepare budgets, lifecycle planning and scheduling.


·            The ability to put engineers and contractors in order of performance standards instantly.


There is so much more you can do once you have access to the data.


For Social Housing landlords using CORGI Compliance Document Management System (CDMS), you get the full benefits of the software and you’re able to redirect resource to deal with things proactively as opposed to reactively. Our current Social Landlords have confirmed that it would be very difficult to justify an issue in a property now that we have software that can point you precisely at all the issues. The money they save and the ability to de-risk themselves further is one major benefit of using the CDMS software. Save money, reduce risk and improve the data you have to plan for the future. You can’t get that anywhere else.


A quick example of how our current client base has utilised the software. Following the horrendous incident down South a few weeks ago, a number of clients asked for all data contained within the software for their High Rise properties. Our technical team exported the data and issued to the clients within 10 minutes.


Sample extract below:


If you want any further information, please do get in touch. Our secure cloud-based software is revolutionary and will help you achieve complete compliance once embedded in your organisation. Give me a shout and I will happily come and show you what it can do.


Ryan Dempsey - CEO
Ryan Dempsey

Over the last few years I have found myself in a very fortunate position where I can implement and promote change in the Social Housing sector. My passion and drive to improve Electrical Safety continually fuels my motivation to implement slight changes to engineer and industry work patterns in the hope the mentality currently sitting in the engineering industry can change. We need to ensure the right people with the right skills and experience are working in and around the properties we provide. Not only that, we need to ensure the workforce are the people talking and helping develop the standards we work towards. Improved quality assurance and the avoidance of the 'status quo' should be a starting point in any organisations route to complete compliance. Improved compliance at all levels will improve the safety and sustainability of the properties we provide and manage. The key to improve risk management is to pinpoint the areas of risk and manage these individually. Don't over complicate a simple process. We also need to ensure those with a similar passion speak up and be counted for. It's time for change and that means moving out the old and replacing with the new. All the views and opinions on here are my own and not that of any company I am associated with.